I’ve been working a ton lately, on my swing and my posture at address in particular. The posture change is forcing me to use new swing muscles so I have been re-training my swing muscles for power. This has taken some time, but I am seeing great results already, as my shots are more on target with a better trajectory. Been working out a lot too! My short game has gotten even better. I had a round at the Classic Club a few weeks ago and my short game was on point! I only hit 8 greens in reg due to all the changes I made, but still shot a 75….

Without further ADOOOOOO, here are some swings and other fun stuff! The videos should start automatically.

Picture 737
Me and My trusty 7 wood, good for about 180 yards. Many a par five has gone down with this bad boy. I love this club!!!!!

Picture 736
A little 6 iron work.

Picture 732
Not to get off point, but…… this is my little brother pitching his way to a three inning shutout this weekend at Manteca Big League Dreams park. Faced ten batters, walked one, literally struck out NINE!!!!!

Picture 730
Pitch shot with a little check. I love throwing it at the pin and watching it check up next to the pin!

Picture 729
Another one. I love hitting these shots!

Picture 726
Flop Shot

Picture 725
This is my “High Bump N Run” shot. I love this one. Kinda like a flop, but goes a bit lower because I don’t open the face as much and take a slightly shorter backswing. It’s a lot easier to hit than a flopper and easier to control my distance. Lands pretty softly too.

Picture 723
Just some more pitch shot practice

Picture 719
A little Wedge work


Dropping bombs with my 4 wood! I love this Taylor Made 4 wood. It’s my 210 yard club.